"Damn it! Those are real bullets they’re shooting. I'm hit in the leg.” With these words—the last spoken 
by 1st Lt. William R. Schick, to the best of my knowledge—our troubles became apparent. We were soon to become the first US airplane crew shot down in World War II...  

From "Shot Down at Pearl Harbor", by Ernest L. Reid in Air Force Magazine, December 1991 Pearl Harbor 50th Anniversary issue

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Life Magazine, in their December 14, 1942 one-year anniversary issue, illustrated Roy Reid's B-17 at Hickam field. The photo caption infers that the plane was shot in half on the ground...NOT SO...learn the real story here
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"The trip was tiring but uneventful until the last fifteen minutes. In that short period of a fourteen-hour flight, I saw more action, witnessed more significant events, and felt more strange reactions than in my previous twenty-one years or, for that matter, in all the years since. I have seen much aerial warfare in the intervening years and experienced many of the emotions I felt that day, but never with the same intensity."                        


  21-year old co-pilot Lt. Roy Reid...  never-before-told, historic stories... unique photos... see actual December 7, 1941 pilot's log... see actual Pearl Harbor telegram to his young wife...fly the B-17 Flying Fortress with Lt. Reid from Pearl Harbor to Australia on 49 combat missions and 450 in-flight B-17 combat hours.